The truth will set you free but it’s not free to set your will to the truth.

So ever since I begin my journey on telling the truth or standing up for the truth abiding by the truth, a horde of hell’s demons have been cited all around me. You know how Jesus said that the truth and him were one in the same and that light and him were one in the same well we can easily say that the truth is also light. When this light of truth becomes more a part of your life that light shines on everything that is darkness in your life around your life and the things that were in the darkness can be hideous and can cause the weak to faint.

Just in this past week I Was forced to remove myself from my Job as it put me my wife my kids at risk of fraud and or at risk of being An accomplice to theft.

I recently inquired the city about selling crafts from our rental basement and the City Hall informed me that the basement we are currently living in is illegal and not up to code.

My father who just recently lost my mother and his wife got remarried moved to some island and is asking me for money or to help get him money to repay him for what he has done for me in his life.

What in the dark disgusting hell have I been living in?

The only hope I have is in the one who is both light and truth because he is also Saviour and he has also hope so I cling onto this light source as the evil disgusting darkness around me encroaches with evil intent I need not be afraid if the one that is greater than the darkness is with me.

The difference between a magician never reveals his secrets and the mysteries of God is that God reveals his secrets to those who love him, and going forward I will post about the ways that the truth has gotten me out or how he walked me through these dark situations.



Prior…before anything else…plan.

This is something I’m thinking about right now while sipping my triple triple from Timmies. (Let the reader understand the Canadian significance of timmies.)

I think that whenever I try to live out my day in a “we will see what happens” manner, I feel more anxious, more worried, less certain.

When I’ve planned for the day I at least would like to see or live, I feel that I pin point the focus of my attention.

Then, everything else either becomes something that is useful or an obstacle to goal.

I’ve planned days when I haven’t stuck fully to the plan and that’s fine because a plan is better than no plan.

No plan feels like you’re in the dark and you don’t know which way is up or down.

A plan, even if failed to follow, now only shows you where you need to be and go but reveals truths, as painful as they might be, that help you to know what needs to be worked on.

Priorities reveal themselves when you fail.

It’s better to plan than not having a plan.

Do it, you’ll be thankful.


Here’s how I met your mother…lol I love that show, but in all honesty, I was actively engaged in community.

I don’t know where or even when you are at the moment but I do know that when you’re looking for something special it usually happens when you are not expecting it and when you are busy doing something else!

It’s a small exit sign or gas stop that you may not notice if your gas tank is full, but it’s a mystery that makes me think of all the missed opportunities that pass me by when I decide to laze around.

Practice mindfulness,

Don’t forget to remember your breathing is what’s keeping you alive,

And hug someone today!


I got a face sunburn today.

I’m a delivery driver, I deliver live lobster in the downtown area. I don’t often go for long stretches in direct sunlight. Nor, in my earlier years prior to 30..31, I think I’m 31 ha, have I ever been burnt like this in the face and arms whilst driving. And I’ve driven long stretches in the sun before.

Apart from the usual level of my anxiety about what could be wrong, now I’m thinking skin cancer might be my next opponent to evade. Or worse, old age; no one beats that one- that is, no one who tries.

So my thoughts are being flooded with fearful possibilities; cancer, global warming, old skin, etc.. I guess I’ll just have to double my meditation from nothing to something to calm my mind. Fortnite time.